pervert’s guide to pervert


all got weird real fast

«Toy Story 4, an animated film about sexual tension between cowboy and sheep shepherdess that is set in a feudal tenure, is a perfect example of this kind of twisted transgressive reading of pop-culture narratives. Both cowboy and shepherdess have been for several decades in a feudal relationship with different owners, they have felt loyalty toward their masters and responsibility for their’s well-being, they have put their lords needs before their own. A simultaneous sexual undertone has been humming between cowboy and shepherdess, something that neither of them knows how to address nor to act to. This tension holds the viewer up to the very end of the movie on hirs toes, «when is the chemistry going to explode?» the viewer asks. The shepherdess has emancipated far before staid and conventional cowboy, and thus leads him to a self-liberating adventure to fix his emotional state from both previous and current traumatic experiences of unresponded affection. Cowboy acknowledges his unnecessary existence, garbageness of his essence, and encompasses a minor enlightenment in his fictional sansaara. This in turn washes away a chance for true and burning explosion between cowboy and shepherdess, there is a tiny release of the sexual tension in the end but that is nowhere enough after four full-length movies. Thus the viewer is left to sit with rolling credits and to hope for a porn-parody of it, porn-parody where the main characters will truly explore the transgressive nature of toy-to-toy love whilst whipping and herding each other in mostly (reverse)cowgirl position. That would be a release of tension.»

excerpt from «pervert’s guide to pervert», 2023

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