ima redefine high quality lifestyle



not them

but your self

when shit hits the

fan and life turns inside

out not a lot but much more

than was exp ected ej ected on

us by joint positioned regimes on

truffles   in  middle  of  the   low lands

or figures shrieking hashtag factthatshit

ima backward warlord – high quality latitude

blockrat bickering inna consent ridden lingering

that diesel power // that people power // over where

noone sees a reason to stay and rain with no name falls

on chip-ped ash trays   full of nice foxes on bikes   saying:

«Hai! How do you do? Want some mayonase with your pasta,


ima redefine high quality lifestyle

no decline pussy make it worth while

puff that white widow booty slappin

it’s 3 AM, why ya’ll clappin

jus kiddin, ain’t no regular Casanova

im your rhymez blasting Supernova

and like 6LACK says:

«i know i’ve been loyal, loyal, loyal //

i treat u like you’re royal, royal, royal»

someone put and evil-eye

on this cum laude blue-eye

sent rapists with sticks

sent borreliosis with ticks

sent diseases, problems and trauma

sent legal flora and troubled fauna

keep on sending and keep on spending

i keep my trajectory when landing

on that 90’s groomed bush strip

kush wet trippin ballz, can’t get a grip

childhood trauma, put a post-it

on it, add to the budget, low cost-it

designer drug, designer virus, host-it

hold it, all superstars have aids, lost it

ima sci-fi fuckin when you’re «jus fine»

ima redefine high quality lifestyle


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